Urban Waxx-ing

Life lately has been a little crazy. The beginning of July was particularly hairy. The unemployed part of my life was getting me down, I started pastry school, and Adam and I moved. I kind of needed a little pampering pick-me-up. It was such a lovely surprise when the fine folks over at Urban Waxx offered me a brow wax in return for a review.


There is nothing more relaxing than getting your eye brows waxed. When I hop up on that table I know that I’ve got a good 15 minutes to just close my eyes and breathe. And when I get up, I feel like a new person. It’s like getting a really great haircut, having a breakthrough in a therapy session, and losing that extra 10 pounds all rolled into one. Your face if the first thing people see when they meet you. You are a walking billboard for yourself. You deserve to have beautiful brows that perfectly frame your face.

I’ve been pouring hot wax on my face to tame my brows for over 10 years. With that said, I have had my fair share of bad waxes. I’ve been waxed in what was pretty much a closet with a table and a hot pot of wax. I’ve been burned. I’ve been over waxed and under waxed.


When I walked into Urban Waxx NW (Alphabet District in Portland), I knew I didn’t have to worry. I was greeted immediately and asked if I wanted anything to drink while I waited. Seriously, they have mimosas (If that isn’t the icing on the cake I don’t know what is). After a short wait (just long enough to have a sit and fill out a questionnaire), my waxing guru, Helen Reznicek, escorted me to one of the private waxing rooms. The urban/minimalist design flowed seamlessly from the waiting area through to the waxing room. It was thoughtfully designed; the room was comfortable, relaxing, and inviting. I am confident that even someone new to brow waxing would feel at ease in the space.

Urban Waxx believes in doing one thing and being the absolute best at it. Believe me, they nailed it. My pearly white, porcelain Portland skin wasn’t irritated in the least. I didn’t have to cover my newly waxed brows with my sunglasses this time. I walked out of there relaxed, confident, and beaming.


Whether you need to get party perfect or just want a small bit of time for yourself, give Urban Waxx a try. Find the one closest to you, or go to the one in North West Portland (I’m telling you, Helen is AMAZING). Tell them Ashley McClellan of This Valley Life sent you. You would be surprised at how refreshing a brow wax can be, especially one from Urban Waxx.

*So we’re all on the same page… Urban Waxx offered me a complimentary brow wax in exchange for a review. I wasn’t paid to say wonderful things about them. Everything I wrote is my opinion*


I have worked in customer service for many years.

I understand that when customer service is good, people will be back to buy from you and also recommend you to friends. When customer service is bad, people will talk about you but it won’t be positive. Either way it makes an impact.

With the invention of online shopping customer service gets a little hairy. Instead of talking directly to someone, you get an email response or maybe you can chat with a representative. But it’s usually only when you have a problem that you utilize these options.

In December (when everyone else was doing their Christmas shopping too) I ordered a product from a company. This company happens to be a local company and only offers one major product. They offer one method of shipping which is through USPS and it doesn’t specify how long it will take to get to your shipping destination. After two weeks of not receiving said product I emailed the company. I still haven’t received a response. When it finally made it to my house, the box had a hole in it and wasn’t properly packaged (the product was moving around in the box). I repacked the product in the box and shipped it to the recipient via USPS and they got it the next day. How’s that for excellent shipping:)

Just today I wanted to purchase something online for a certain someone for Valentine’s Day. After using multiple browsers and multiple computers, I still wasn’t able to get what I wanted to order. I chatted online with a representative twice and both times they said I would receive an email from their support team shortly. It’s been a few hours and no email.

There are great companies out there that offer great customer service and those are the companies I continue to go to and continue to recommend to friends and family. It’s too bad I have had such terrible luck with good customer service.

UPDATE: It’s 10pm and still no email from the company I tried to order from this morning. And I just found out they’re local too. What a shame.

It’s about time

After weeks of searching and researching we got a new dishwasher!!


That Adam installed.


The first night he tried working on it it was dark and we obviously had turned the power off in the kitchen and even after all the wiring and everything the dishwasher didn’t turn on.


Then he tried again to install it during the day with all new hoses and wires and it still wouldn’t work. Turns out the outlet was to blame so we had to make a call on how to get power to it. So we decided to plug it into our wall outlet.


Now that its all installed it is amazing! Our dishes have never been so clean. They actually sparkle. I swear. Our last dishwasher would make our dishes come out messier than they went in. It was so frustrating.

The Bosch dishwasher we decided to go with was at the top of our price range but it definitely blew the others we had looked at out of the water. It’s stainless steel on the inside of the door which means no weird rusting or stains like our last one. The amount of dishes we can put in there is ridiculous.


It’s pretty good looking for a kitchen appliance.


And quiet. So quiet that I’m not sure it’s working half the time. The only way I know it’s washing is when it’s flashing its lights at me.